C:/DOS/PUN is created out of a passion for all genres of music.
The aim is to make sounds that one could fight to at the end of the world, and that one could fall asleep to.
To create an aural experience where fans of experimental dance music can rave alongside headbangers.
This is music made to be music and made to be enjoyed
This is C:/DOS/PUN

C:/DOS/PUN is:
Kezia Salmon: Production, Electronics
Nick White: Live Drums
Dave Crawley: Live Guitars

In the summer of 2017, Kezia Salmon, while studying at the University of Salford, had a vision to mix all the genres of music she had previously produced into one cohesive and confusing style.
Inspired by Meshuggah, The Algorithm, Tesseract, Noisia, and Deadmau5, she sat down with her guitar and Logic Pro x to create "class Song1 implements Listenable {}" that would later apprear on the Press Any Key EP.
While simple in composition, compared to later works, it laid the groundwork for all future C:/DOS/PUN releases with its "Djent" sections, progressive structures, 90's house foundations, and Dancefloor production style.
The Press Any Key EP was unleashed upon the world on 9th May 2017 with the first C:/DOS/PUN performance happening days later on 26th May at the University of Salford Student Union which was met with enthusiasm from a very unsuspecting audience.
The Press Any Key: DDoS DLC was presented on 8th June the same year as a continuation to the idea of Press Any Key and was quickly followed by Press Any Key: Unity DLC rounding out the trio that would later be released to streaming platforms as Press Any Key: Game Of The Year Edition The band went on to play numerous venues around Manchester over the following year and, at their performance at Metal To The Masses at Rebllion, they debuted their new drummer Nick White, who brought power, aggression, and technical attention to detail to the live show.
C:/DOS/PUN went on to continue playing live with other respected and revered progressive metal acts in Manchester to the acclaim of fans and fellow musicians alike with their combination of modern EDM, progressive grooves, and memorable hooks.
8th June 2018 saw the release of Bottom Text . A more professional and cohesive sounding EP that endeavoured to explroe areas of music that Press Any Key had lacked, such as Drum n Bass, Dubstep, and longform song structures that allowed the elements to breathe more and explore new soundscapes, which was followed by a launch party at Rebellion in Manchester where the record was played in full.
In 2019, guitarist Dave Crawley joined the band and wrote all of the guitar solos for the OST EP that was released in April, to coincide with the launch party at Lock 91 in Manchester where, again, the record was played in full.
C:/DOS/PUN continues to write music and play shows promising that each performance will be better, tighter, and more fun and entertaining than the last.

© 2020 C:/DOS/PUN